Did you have any source for know about pan card application submit?

Hi guys i need to know the pan card application given location list here. I have search that related matters in online. I cannot get the clear information. So i can apply my question in this. Now i need to collect the pan card applying center in India. In this information is helps for more candidate to apply their pan card easily. And also i need the tips and possible points about the pan card applying. Pan card application is getting name, father name and Aadhaar number, contact details and phone number. And i need to add my photo and signature.

If i can enter the wrong information means can i correct the error after the application gets submitted? Shall i change the signature in that? If any notification is possible for all successful submitted my application? I need the above questions with answers here. I am getting more plans for using pan card. i would like to buy the jewelry, and i have decided to get loan from bank for buying new home. I am getting more offers from online. For apply new pan card online. But i need the exact website needed for easy way to submit my application.

In that website is getting supportive ideas and given assistances also. Please help me to find that exact website. My friend suggest me some website. But i am not getting interest to apply with that. My father is given some types of advices and matters about what are the issues and errors are possible to available in pan card. And how to solve the errors also.  I have getting some basic nature of methods to fill the form. But I cannot know and I cannot see the application type about the pan card. I am getting some fear to fill it. Please help me and guide me