Exempting goods from e-way bill under gst

  • The following items are exempting from e-way bill provisions of GST.
  • So vehicle transporting the following goods are not nessary carrying e-way bill.
  • Therefore without e-way bill, the following goods can be transport from one place to another.
  1. Contraceptives,
  2. judicial and non-judicial stamp paper,
  3. newspapers,
  4. khadi,
  5. raw silk,
  6. Indian flag,
  7. human hair,
  8. kajal,
  9. earthen pots,
  10. cheques,
  11. municipal waste,
  12. puja samagri,
  13. LPG,
  14. kirosene,
  15. heating aids,
  16. currency,
  17. vegetables,
  18. fruits,
  19. food grains,
  20. meat,
  21. bread,
  22. curd,
  23. books and
  24. jewelry.

What is e-way bill under GST.

GST e-way bill for transport of goods under the goods and services tax regime.

GST e-way bill is an electronic bill which will be required for the movement of goods in case the value of the goods are above fifty thousand rupees.

GSTN Portal

The bill can be generated from the GSTN portal and
every registered taxpayer must require this e-way bill along with the goods transferred.


GST E-way bill