National Common Mobility Card

National Common Mobility Card can be used for making payments across all segments including metro, bus, suburban railways, smart city and retail shopping.

Narendra Modi Government launched India’s first indigenously-developed National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

One Nation One Card

the inter-operable transport card would allow holders to pay for their bus travel, toll taxes, parking charges, retail shopping and withdraw cash

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the launch One Nation One Card (NCMC), the country is “no longer required to be dependent on foreign technology.”

“Now, we have this ‘Made in India’ card. Only a select few countries have this technology of ‘One Nation One Card’,” PM Modi added

about the One Nation One Card

key points about the One Nation One Card or National Common Mobility Card 

  • The mobility card can be issued in the form of debit, credit or prepaid card of a partner bank.
  • The card is similar to any RuPay debit/credit card, which will be available with more than 25 banks, including the State Bank of India (SBI).
  • The card can be used for making payments across all segments including metro, bus, suburban railways, smart city and retail shopping.
  • The card can also be used for paying at toll plazas and for parking
  • the card offers cashback on bill payments and more than thousand other offers.
  • A cardholder can also avail 5 percent cash back at ATMs and 10 percent cash back at merchant outlets while travelling abroad

It is supported by indigenously developed Automatic Fare Collection Gate ‘Swagat’ and an Open Loop Automatic Fare Collection System ‘Sweekar’. Both ‘Swagat’ and ‘Sweekar’ were launched by PM Modi on March 4

This is the real power of technology to transform transportation and mobility in India.

How to Get National Common Mobility Card 

You need to contact your bank to be issued a One Nation One Card. NCMC has partnered with 25 banks for this initiative. The list includes SBI and the Punjab National Bank

In addition to this, the Paytm payments bank can also be used to issue the card.

The main aim of this card is to make the payment system easier for all mode of public transport. This will eliminate various travel related issues such as the need for standing in ticket windows in Bus, train and other transit places.

As an Indian citizen, you would have also faced various issues while traveling like waiting in a long queue for getting tickets, fishing for changes, carrying cash and fear of stealing and many more. But now with this one card, you will get rid of all the issues you face at payment terminals.

One nation one card can be defined as an open loop EMV based payment card for giving a hassle-free experience to the customers at various transport modes and payment systems across the country.

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